This is how Ranbir Kapoor reacted when Neetu Kapoor made the news of Rishi Kapoor's cancer

Rishi Kapoor, who has been stationed in New York for many months with his wife Neetu Kapoor for medical treatment, is likely to return home soon. In his publications on social networks, the actor He often expresses the desire to return to Mumbai. Many B-Towners came to visit the couple in New York as they passed. The couple recently spoke with the media about how they reported Rishi's cancer to Ranbir, who left her son with watery eyes. Neetu said Ranbir was traveling when they heard the news. When he returned, Neetu sat him down and explained the situation. She revealed that Ranbir was in denial for an hour or so, but later, he composed himself and began to deal with the situation. The next day, he went to Delhi to pick up Rishi, and the two flew to New York.

In a recent interview, Rishi talked about the life lessons that have been derived from this experience. the Bollywood actor said, “These past few months taught me patience. I never had that before. God has taught me that patience is the mother of all virtues. You have to be patient in life. My wife and friends keep telling me that I was a very impatient person all the time ... my work style, way of life. But right now the fact remains that you have to be patient and let things take its own course. I have been going through this ordeal of being a patient, and it's interesting how (the word patient) taught me patience. ”