Joaquin Phoenix started to go crazy after losing weight for 'Joker'

Actor Joaquin Phoenix He said he lost an amazing 23 kilograms (52 pounds) for his role as the Clown Crime Prince in the next movie 'Joker' .

Phoenix denied being influenced by the last wilds of the silver screen. He lost 23 kg (52 pounds) for the role, completely inhabiting his own version of the character that first appeared in the original Batman comic in 1940, reports an American digital magazine from Hollywood.

Losing weight in such a short time helped Phoenix get into his character.

It turns out that affects your psychology. You start to go crazy, he said.

director Todd Phillips He also gave him a blank diary/joke book that helped him discover his character when he began to fill the pages, with words and images seen in the movie.

In 'Joker' , Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck , a man who lives in poverty with his mother (Frances Conroy), struggling to make a living as a paid clown.

Affected by a brain trauma, Fleck spent time in a mental ward, is treated by an apathetic social worker from the city who supervises his seven different medications and struggles with a condition that causes pathological laughter at the most inopportune moments.

It's so hard to define and you really don't want to define it, said Phoenix.

We were approaching when I discovered that I identified certain parts of his personality or his motivation and then moved away from that because I wanted the character to be a mystery. During the course of filming, I felt that every day we discovered new parts of his personality, until the last day, he added.

Phoenix also delved into how he developed his characteristic laugh for the role, saying it had to be something that was almost painful. I think that for Joker it is a part of him that wants to emerge. I think we all assume what a joker laugh is and it felt like a fresh new way to see it.

The laughter itself took many months to be made. I didn't think I could do it. I practiced alone, but I asked Todd to come hear my laugh. I felt I had to be able to do it on the spot and in front of someone else. It was really awkward. It took me a long time.

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