Tota meets with Kirti Kulhari on the London sets

Tota Roy Choudhury, who was in London for The Girl on the Train by Ribhu Dasgupta, is back in town. During the filming of the movie, which has Parineeti Chopra at the head, the actor met with his Bollywood co-star, Kirti Kulhari . “I was so happy to meet her there. We connected exactly from where we had gone, ”he told us. The two had previously worked together in the 2017 Madhur Bhandarkar movie, Indu Sarkar .

Recalling his first meeting with Kirti, Tota said, “She came across as a soft-spoken and intelligent person. I was impressed with the fact that she already consulted with a speech therapist to prepare for her role of a girl with a speech impediment in Indu Sarkar. ”

After saying that Kirti is a committed actress and a friend for him, Tota praised her for not letting success go to her head. “She is fresh because of the success of her films, Uri and Mission Mangal, but that has not changed her superficial nature. Despite having suffered a time lag after his flight from Mumbai to London, he wished to go through our scenes, which would be filmed the next day. While having dinner, she waited patiently in the lobby for 30 minutes, after which we went through our scenes together several times, ”Tota shared.

How was it working with your new Bollywood co-star, Parineeti?, We asked Tota. “Given her stardom, I was initially quite nervous about working with her. But, to my great surprise, she made me feel, along with everyone else on the set, very comfortable. In fact, she was the one who approached me first and broke the ice with a handshake and hello! , Answered. Although he couldn't reveal details about his character, Tota said he will share screen space with Parineeti.