Darshak Gowda refers to the Joker as the character's inspiration.

Kannada Actor Darshak Gowda refers to the character of DC and the super villain The Joker, as an incredible source of inspiration. In an instagram post he shared two hours ago, which was a preview of the next movie starring Joaquin Phoenix , the actor praised the character, the series and Phoenix, saying: 'Ten years ago I was introduced to a character in an epic movie, #TheDarkKnight His name was The Joker. At that time I was just another teenager who supported his favorite superhero of all time, The Ordinance . You see back then in my mind the world was full of rainbows and sunshine and I watched the movie just like any other hyped up stupid teenager 😄 Fast forward to ten years, the more you watch this movie today the more you'll realise how epic #HeathLedger was being The Joker and that in today's ruthless cold world, #Joker is more relevant than # Ordinance ... Reimagining this new version of The Joker with @hanszimmer s background score just brought tears in my eyes! ❤️#JoaquinPhoenix you Sir, deserve an Oscar just for the trailer alone! 💥'