Actress Neha Iyer gives birth to a baby.

Actress Neha Iyer , who was last seen in Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel, had also rehearsed a leading role in the protagonist of Tovino Tharangam. In addition to her films, the only thing that has made people talk was the premature death of her husband and the fact that she was also pregnant during the same.

His photos from the pregnancy photo session had also gone viral. However, the way he challenged a smile on his face, despite what had happened, was something that pulled everyone's hearts.

The last thing we know is that the actress gave birth to a baby, which also the same day her husband was born. This news would definitely make you believe that there are still ways to find reasons to smile in life.

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Blessed with a baby on my late husband's birthday today! Without words ... #Gratitude to the Universe ... 💖🙏 #soulmate # Aug30 #heisback! 💙💕

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