Sunil Sukadha and Sreekumar play Tarson in JTPac Kochi

Jayaprakash Kuloor's last play Tarson which has actors Sunil Sukhada and the star of Marimayam SP Sreekumar was performed in Kochi on August 31 in JTpac. The team had been organized by Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram previously.

The suspense thriller told the story of a film producer who made a movie named Tarzan. To enjoy the success of one of his films, he decides to stay at a palatial bungalow in the outskirts. That night a stranger comes to the bungalow, ties him up and tortures him in every possible way. He also asks him many questions. The stranger claims that he is his son from an illicit relationship that the producer had while shooting Tarzan. Sunil Sukhada played the producer while Sreekumar acts as the stranger.

Here are some images: