Koilamma Update, August 31: Amar decides to force Kokila to reveal the truth

In the last episode of Koilamma , Kokila call to love but he ignores her calls. Upon Sameer ’s insistence, he takes her call and gives her a blunt reply. As they are about to leave for home, Ramesh Chandra call to love and asks him to meet if he’s free. Sameer leaves for home while to love heads to the office.

Sindhu meets Indraja and the latter advises her to be careful with Manorama. She further suggests Sindhu to act nice with Sameer . Indraja opines that to love must have known Kokila ’s secret and he will not forgive her even if she shares the secret with him now.

Ramesh Chandra tells to love that his friend has fallen sick because his son has kept secrets with him. to love realizes that he is doing the same mistake as Kokila by hiding the secret about her birth. He further decides to force Kokila to reveal the same.

At night, Kokila finds Bola, the house help, suffering from severe stomach ache. When she asks Manorama to call the ambulance, the latter advises her to admit him at a cheaper hospital. Kokila rebukes Manorama for her inhuman attitude and takes Bola to the hospital. When Sameer asks about the same, Manorama tries to put the blame on Kokila. Sameer follows Kokila to the hospital to help her. This leaves Manorama puzzled.

Sindhu comes home and butters Manorama. She informs Sindhu about Sameer and Kokila. Annoyed Sindhu also leaves for the hospital. Kokila prays for Bola’s recovery. Sameer arrives and says he is unable to see her suffering too.