What kept Soham up all night?

Can you guess what time Soham went to bed yesterday? Well, listen to it from the actor himself. “I went to the party until five in the morning on Friday because it was the birthday of my friend's daughter. I went to sleep at six and woke up after two in the afternoon. We really had a lot of fun Yesterday after a long time. On Saturdays, I usually go out to dinner with my family. My wife, Tanaya, loves to explore all the new food joints and it is only she who decides where to go to dinner. I have almost nothing to say about it. Today we plan to have thai cuisine Said the actor, who took a vacation in Goa with his family to celebrate his son's birthday recently.

“I was filming constantly during the last months, so we decided to go on vacation. My son's birthday coincided with the holidays and we had a blast in Goa by the sea, the actor said.

The actor has a new role during Puja this year. “I am the chief secretary of our stop puja and I am really lost. I don't know how to handle it, since I barely have time to attend the bidding meetings. But on Sunday I will attend the meeting since there is hardly any time left for the Pujas, ”said Soham, who has many invitations for Ganesh Puja on Monday. I am a devotee of Lord Ganesha because I feel he hears our problems and tries to solve them too, said the actor.

Soham also plays a fundamental role in Hey Gorbhodharini by Raj Chakrabarty. “The movie is in trouble and nobody is a hero or heroine in this movie. Whether Subhashree, Ritwick or Parno, we all play simple characters since the story is the true hero of this movie, ”said Soham.