US Open: Roger Federer is sick and tired of the claims of favoritism

NEW YORK: Roger Federer may have set aside the challenge of the British Daniel Evans in a third round United States Open meeting, but questions about the schedule of the game, played on the court of Arthur Ashe Stadium, refused to die.

Evans, in 58th place, finished his feature film delayed by rain against Frenchman Lucas Pouille at 6 p.m. Thursday and returned to the court at noon on Friday. He won only five games against the Swiss master.

“I was tired. I thought it was quite difficult to be the first after playing yesterday, Evans said.

Regardless of what time it ended, it was always going to be a competitive advantage for me, Federer said. Now, is it a big difference if we play at noon or at 2 o'clock? Not really. But I think that at some point every hour could matter. We have these rules in force, rules of 16 hours from the semifinals to the end today.

You may not have enough time to recover physically, but also mentally. You could definitely argue that programming was not in your favor. But anyway it is not fair for me to play my game under the roof, do it, sit back, relax the next day while fighting Pouille.

That's tennis . It's entertainment, and the show must go on, said the 38-year-old man. I have lost matches in this way, I have also won some. Luck was on my side this time. I understand if Danny is frustrated.

There was talk, however, that Federer had asked for an early start, but quickly eliminated the talk.

The Swiss superstar said he hadn’t intentionally asked for an early start and was unaware if his team had done so, but in any case he stressed, every request doesn’t get the tournament’s nod even if you are Roger Federer.

It doesn't mean Roger asks, Roger receives. Just remember that, because I've heard this too often now. I'm fed up and tired of it, which apparently makes the shots, said Federer. “The tournament and the television stations do it. We can give our opinion, that's what we do.