A play in the form of a dictionary.

Beechi Rasayana He is back on stage. This time, the popular Kannada the game is set to be staged in Seva Sadan Auditorium on September 15 at 7 p.m. Written and directed by NC Mahesh , the work is framed in Beechi's remarkable book Thimma Rasayana. It has the form of a dictionary, but not in the traditional literal way. Beechi had coined different meanings full of humor, philosophy and a touch of seriousness in relation to everyday words. It is also called Thimmikshanari. Certain words have been chosen and framed here according to the situations that create laughter. This work is a combination of the Uttara Karnataka dialect, mixed with mythology and elements of devotion.

The cast includes actors Babu Hirannaiah, Bhuvana V Anjanappa, Laxman Poojari and Srinatha Chitara.