Music lovers in the city receive a surround sound class

Recently, students and music lovers In the city they had the opportunity to review their knowledge and concepts of surround sound. The free master class conducted by Kishore Banan was both informative and entertaining. Kishore shared, "This master class was about surround sound technology, surround sound aka multi-channel audio formats that have been around for decades, mainly prevalent in the motion picture industry. Over time these formats have become the default audio technology for many entertainment formats such as OTT platforms, gaming, etc. Surround sound formats envelope the user with sound by using speakers placed around the audience. The master class was also presented in in a way, which enabled the audience to experience the content in surround sound ." It showcased the production aspect of surround mixing, and the audience got the opportunity to try their hands on surround mixing.

An immersive and informative experience.

As participants and music lovers got a hands-on experience of how things work, they were extremely involved in the session. Abhinav Arora, one of the participants shared, "We got an insight into different kinds of surround sound systems, and the technicalities that go into deploying them in theatrical and home environments. It was a great learning experience" While Nishant Mody, another participant added, "This master class took us through the history of surround sound formats, and also made us realise the importance it holds in the future as different mediums including non-tradional OTT platforms have started producing almost majority of its content in surround sound due to the excitement it creates in the audience".