Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Day 40, episode 40, August 30, 2019, written update: host Ramyakrishnan punishes Varun, Rahul and others

Host Nagarjuna begins the last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Explaining that he is out of the country to celebrate his birthday. Actress Ramyakrishnan Makes a sensational entry into the show as a guest presenter of the weekend episodes. She shows the events in the house on Friday through Mana TV.

Punarnavi Vithika & Varun argue over cleaning the dining table & living room. Varun & Vithika also argue. Baba tells Varun that he is satisfied with his performance in the tasks so far & he wants to leave the house.

The housemates dedicate a special dance show to organize Nagarjuna Akkineni on account of his birthday.

Punarnavi the chancellor of the hair colouring task, declares Ali & Vithika as winners.

Ramakrishnan takes the housemates by surprise. Nagarjuna joins the conversation over a video call & thanks the contestants for the special performance. He introduces Ramyakrishnan as the guest host of the weekend episode.

Later, the housemates are called in pairs. Each housemate tells the traits that they like & dislike about the other contestant upon a clap. They later reveal the injustice they faced in the house.

Ramyakrishnan roasts Baba for spending much time in the smoking room especially after the tasks. She suggests Mahesh to open up more in the game. She then asks Baba to cook something special for her.

Ramyakrishna asks Punarnavi about her deal with Rahul & questions why he makes fake promises all the time. He admits his mistakes & assures to resolve them.

She pulls Rahul's leg by mentioning Ravi's chemistry with Punarnavi in ​​the BB express task.

Siva Jyothi complains against Baba Bhaskar. Ramyakrishnan then questions Baba about the rules he wanted to impose upon female housemates when he becomes the captain. Questioning why girls alone have to do all the chores, Ramyakrishnan says everyone is free to be themselves.

Ramyakrishna finds fault with Varun , Ravi & Rahul for targeting Vithika in the secret task.

She makes Vithika throw cold coffee on Varun's face, cut Rahul’s favorite short. She asks Siva Jyothi to dampen Ravi’s bed with a bucket full of water.

Ramyakrishnan then gives Himaja a minute & asks to scold Rahul. Upon her instruction, Ali zips Sreemukhi’s mouth with a plaster. The housemates then wrap Ali with a tissue. Ramyakrishnan then instructs Punarnavi to eat a mirchi & Mahesh to wear specs & hug Baba.

Ramyakrishnan concludes the episode by not revealing the names of the contestants who got saved for the week.