'Sakhhii', a film about gaps in our judicial system

Shouvick's next film Sarkar Sakhhii is about the occasional jobs we do to survive that often destroy the lives of others. Shyamal is one of those people who organizes false witnesses for court cases in exchange for money. It is your lucrative business.

Sikha, a young village girl, comes to town with her elderly father and little sister in search of a job. Life changes forever when Jagat, the brother of a corrupt and influential personality, Bhai Da, rapes her. The court case is dismissed because a false witness provided by Shyamal helps Jagat escape. Sikha now ends up being called a prostitute. What will Sikha do now? That is what forms the knot of this social drama.

The story and the script are from the director Shouvick Sarkar himself. The deal includes Saayoni Ghosh , Arjun Chakraborty , Debshankar Halder, Shantilal Mukherjee , Rii, Anindya Banerjee, Locket Chatterjee and others.

While the music has been composed by Niladri Banerjee, Javed Ali, Paul Aditi, Shovan and Moholima Sinha have lent their voices to the songs in 'Sakhhii'.

Saayoni who plays Sikha in the film said: I have not done such a character earlier. It's completely different from my real life personality. As the name suggests you can understand the film deals with a witness. But who is the witness? To know that you will have to watch the film.

Produced by Rikta Mukherjee the film releases on May 24.