Qatar allocates $ 480 mn to aid to Palestinians

DOHA: Qatar Said On Tuesday That It Has Allotted $ 480 Million Of Aid To The Money-Stuck Palestinian Authority To Support Education And Health Services And Provide Urgent Humanitarian Aid.

The Authority, Led By President Mahmud Abbas, Has Been Affected By Cutting Away Two Of His Most Important Sources Of Income.

Washington Has Terminated All Bilateral American Aid In Response To The Palestinians ' Disconnecting After It Recognized The Disputed City Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel In 2017.

A Dispute With Israel Has In The Meantime Led To A Halt To Customs Duty Transfers That It Charges On Goods Destined For Palestinian Markets.

"The state of Qatar has allocated $300 million in the form of grants and loans to support the health and education sectors' budgets with the Palestinian Authority," the official Qatar News Agency reported.

He Said That Doha Has Once Again Allocated 180 Million Dollars To" Emergency And Humanitarian Aid And In Support Of UN Programs In Palestine . "

Aid Will Also Go To The Energy Sector To Ensure That Stocks Are Not Interrupted, The Statement Said.

In February, Israel Decided To Deduct Approximately $ 10 Million Per Month From The Customs Revenue It Transferred To The Palestinians, Which Corresponds To The Amount Reported To Have Paid Families Of Prisoners Or Directly To Prisoners Serving In Israeli Prisons .

The Palestinians Responded By Saying They Would Refuse Funds Where Unilateral Deductions Were Made.

Israel Considers Payments To Those Who Have Committed Attacks On Israelis As Encouraging Further Violence

The Palestinian Authority Defines Payments As A Form Of Prosperity, While The Palestinian Public Regards Prisoners Who Have Been Imprisoned By Israel As National Heroes.

Gas-rich Qatar is a major aid donor to the Palestinians, both to Abbas's West Bank-based Palestinian Authority and to the rival Gaza administration of Islamist group Hamas.