Always ready for the floor test: MP CM Kamal Nath

BHOPAL: We are always ready for the floor test, chief minister Kamal Nath He said on Monday that BJP requested a special session after the exit polls predicted a return of the NDA government led by BJP at the center.

They (BJP) have been doing this from the very beginning, from the first day of our government. In the past five months, we have proved our majority four times - during the election of Speaker of the Assembly, then for the election of deputy Speaker, again when we passed the supplementary grants and while passing the budget, Kamal Nath said.

He said that the government of the Congress has no problem to prove its majority again on the floor of the Chamber. If they want it again, we have no problem. They are getting impatient because they think they will expose themselves. All the corruption in which they were involved in the last 15 years will now be revealed. They need to protect themselves, he said.

BJP leader of Opposition said on Monday that he is writing to the Governor demanding a special session of the state assembly because the exit polls showed Congress will get three Lok Sabha seats in the state and that means that the Kamal Nath government has lost its majority stake.

Kamal Nath said that the BJP wants to destabilize the present government because they do not want action should be taken against the corruption of the past 15 years.

They do not have to write a letter so we can prove that we are a majority, they can even call me and ask for it. Proving that the majority on the floor of the House is not difficult for us but for them (BJP) because once we prove that the majority, their scams will come to light, argued the Chief Minister. They have scams everywhere, from the block level to the districts and even Bhopal . BJP scams are everywhere.