Congress rejects BJP's demand to hold a special session of the Assembly in MP

BHOPAL: Congress has rejected the BJP's demand to hold a special session of the state Assembly to discuss issues of urgent public interest.

Gopal Bhargava, leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly, had written to Governor Anandiben Patel demanding a special session of the House of Representatives to discuss financial matters, since such a session has not been held for almost six months.

I wrote to the Governor to convene a special session of the Assembly shortly. We want discussions on important issues such as exemption from agricultural loans and we also want to test the strength of the government, Bhargava said.

The state's parliamentary affairs minister, Govind Singh, said on Monday that the government would convene the regular budget session shortly and that a special session was not necessary.

Singh also responded to the BJP's assertion that some of the MLAs of the ruling party were willing to defect from the government, saying that the opposition party should take charge of their own MLAs that could jump to Congress. The leader of the Congress said that the party had the numbers and did not have to try them every week.

Meanwhile, the prime minister Kamal Nath On Monday, he said his government did not hesitate to prove his majority.

In the last five months we have shown our majority in the election of the President, the Vice President, approving the demand for grants and the budget. We have shown our majority four times, he said.

In attacking the BJP, the Chief Minister said: They (BJP) are concerned that the scams will come out during their 15-year term. To try to hide this, they want to upset the current government.

Congress could accelerate the expansion of the Ministry by inducing members of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party (SP) to neutralize the opposition's challenge. The planned expansion in early March was postponed due to the model code of conduct established for Lok Sabha elections. Sanjeev Singh Kushwaha of BSP, Rajesh Shukla of SP and independent MLA Surendra Singh will probably get berths.

Singh also said that Congress had already demonstrated its strength on the floor of the state Assembly twice when its candidates won the elections for the President and Vice President of the House.

Supreme BSP Mayawati too had threatened to withdraw support to the Congress government after Lokendra Singh, to BSP Lok Sabha candidate who quit the party and joined the Congress to support Jyotiraditya Scindia. Chief Minister Kamal Nath, however, indicated that the matter was resolved, saying, Mayawati's party has the same goal as, what is the exit of the BJP.

BJP demands reflect friction between former prime minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan Y. Bhargava said that the BJP was presenting proof of the fulfillment of its promises of exemption from agricultural loans to a former chief minister, instead of making the documents public through an appropriate forum, causing an anarchic condition.

Ideally, such matters should be taken at home. Chouhan tried to eclipse the opposition leader by running to the press to suggest that Congress was a minority. The BJP was apparently willing to force the problem in view of the exit polls. Bhargava was also upset because Chouhan, now a simple MLA, should take on more importance than the opposition leader.

Chouhan, on the other hand, tried to capture the spotlight by saying: We will not try to evict the government, but Congress is a divided chamber. They are in a minority and even the minority is divided. Abroad, even before the last phase of the voting concluded.

In the Assembly polls held in December 2018, Congress won 114 of the 230 seats in the state when the majority reached 116. Then it received the support of two MLA from the BSP and one from the SP. Two independent MLAs are also supporting the government. The BJP had won 109 seats.

The exit polls have predicted a victory for the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. An aggregate of exit polls also predicted that the BJP will win 24 of the 29 seats of Lok Sabha in Madhya Pradesh.