Unique RISAT mission for surveillance and to contract a ground station in Australia

KOCHI: the centers are ready for the next launch of the Earth observation radar image satellite on board the launch vehicle PSLV-C46 on May 22 at 5.07 a.m. This release is unique in many aspects, as it better supports surveillance and is scheduled to hire a new ground station in Australia to communicate and track this launch. The public can watch the live launch from Launch View Gallery in the Space theme park,.

This launch of the RISAT-2B on board the PSLV-C46 rocket on May 22 is unique, since it will be placed in a 555-km orbit with an inclination of 37 degrees. This inclination supports better surveillance. We are also hiring a land station in Australia. for this launch, to track during its terminal phase and to observe the separation of satellites, the director of (VSSC) S Somanath told TOI.

In this mission, a rail transport of an on-board computer system with a 'Vikram' processor chip made in the Indian foundry is included. This processor chip will be used in computers in all future launch vehicles, he said.

This mission also hosts the test flight of a low-cost inertial sensor platform that works with NavIC support, which could be used in the future small satellite launch vehicle, SSLV, he said.

A messaging interface is integrated into the NavIC system that allows the command center to send warnings to a specific geographic area. For example, fishers who use the system can be warned about a cyclone.

A VSSC scientist said: The angle of inclination of this satellite will also help in surveillance for defense purposes.

The ground stations in Australia are used to communicate and track satellites. Currently, these are established by the United States, the European Union and Japan. It is run by Australian government agencies with POT , European and American space agency.

VSSC scientists reported that for the public to witness the live launch from the Sriharikota launch gallery, they must register online at www.shar.gov.in/VSCRegistration/index.jsp