If you use the phone while shopping, you pay more

WASHINGTON: People Using Their Smart Phones To Call, Text, Or Listen To Music While Shopping In A Store, Will Be Prone To Not Planned Buys And Forgets Items They Had Scheduled To Buy, According To A Study.

Researchers Fairfield University In The US Investigated The Impact Of Mobile Phone Use On-store Shopping Behavior.

They found that those who used mobile Phone s in store for purposes unrelated to shopping, such as making Phone calls, texting, checking emails or listening to music, were more likely to make Not Planned purchases and forget items they had planned to buy.

“Our finding that Phone use that is unrelated to shopping negatively affects shopping behaviour was in stark contrast to beliefs held by consumers,” said Michael Sciandra, corresponding author of the study.

“The vast majority of shoppers we asked thought that mobile Phone s did not have any negative effect,” Sciandra said.

The researchers asked 231 participants to complete a simulated shopping task. While the participants either refrained from using their Phone , or used it for an unrelated task either constantly (simulated Phone call) or intermittently, they were shown a first person perspective video of someone grocery shopping.

They Were Given A Shopping List Of Items And Were Asked To Compare The List To The Products The Person In The Video Placed In The Cart, Or Picked Up And Put Down.

The participants’ mobile Phone dependence was assessed via self-report. The researchers found that consumers who are highly dependent upon mobile Phone s, characterised by excessive use of and Trust on the device, were the most at risk of deviating from a shopping plan while engaging in shopping-unrelated mobile Phone use.

“Mobile Phone s are quickly becoming the principal distractor for many consumers and they offer a unique form of interruption,” Sciandra said.