The Australian firm Respiri partners with MedAchievers to invest Rs150 crore to develop asthma, chronic treatment in India

NEW DELHI: Australian healthcare provider Respiri Ltd has signed an agreement with MedAchievers Pvt Ltd to implement treatment facilities for asthma , chronic lung disease (COPD) in more than 200 Tier 1 and 2 cities in India. The company plans to invest around Rs 150 million during the next year through this agreement.

The company also plans to increase investment in the next three years.

The idea is to invest in the intellectual property rights of technologies and be ready for export from India, said the Managing Director of MedAchievers Harsha Vardhan .

Through this agreement, Respiri also plans to introduce home-based clinically monitored device Wheezo - a product against asthma and COPD. The targeted areas are a respiratory disorder like asthma and COPD prevention.

Soon, we will create a device manufacturing unit for Respiri in India in early January 2020, Vardhan said.

Meanwhile, MedAchievers also signed a joint venture agreement with Health and Patient of Australia Services Pty Ltd and created Digitilogy Healthtech Pvt Ltd, which will deploy intelligent ICU facilities with telemonitoring facilities in early September 2019. Under this JV, advanced ICU watch out Facilities will be created in the hospitals of Gurugram.