Barefoot 'Bolt' finishes last in 100m tests

BHOPAL: Rameshwar Gurjar, MP's barefoot barefoot, again could not prove his claim to run 100 meters in 11 seconds. He recorded 12.9 seconds on Monday and came last in the tests, defeated by a junior athlete.

However, impressed by his perseverance, sports minister Jitu Patwari He admitted to Gurjar at the state athletics academy for a month, after which he will be given another chance.

The 24-year-old had risen to fame after a video of him running barefoot on a village road in Shivpuri went viral. Ex CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union sports minister Kiran Rijiju immediately offered help and Patwari invited him to Bhopal for training.

On Sunday, Gurjar was tested on Tatya Butt Stadium, but did not reach the mark of 11 seconds, recording times of 13-14 seconds. He said he is not accustomed to the synthetic track or running with shoes. He was given a second chance on Monday and the Athletics Academy athletes of Madhya Pradesh He ran with him.

Encouraged by Gurjar's story, another untrained runner from Morena, Durgesh Rawat, came to Bhopal on his own and requested to be given a chance. He was also put in the line-up.

In the presence of a large contingent of media and senior trainers of Sports Authority of India (SAI), the sprint began. Gurjar stayed behind at the 10 meter mark and was not close to the top four contestants throughout the race. He was the last in the pack, registering 12.9 seconds. Even the young Morena beat him with a time of 12.1 seconds and a young athlete, Payal Yadav did it in 12.8. Winner Ayush Tiwari completed the race in 10.9 seconds.

Gurjar said: I never felt comfortable on the track and in the shoes. In addition, I developed a back injury after 10 m.

Jitu Patwari encouraged him and said, At this stage, one should not go by the timing. He is new to modern athletics and underweight, too. We will get him admitted to our athletics academy. He will be given another opportunity after a month to prove his mettle.

Rijiju tweeted: Rameshwar Gurjar's test run was conducted at TT Nagar Stadium by senior coaches of the SAI and the state government. He is exhausted due to the glow of advertising, so he could not perform well. It will give you the right time and training.