New Delhi will host the Indian Grand Prix on September 5

NEW DELHI: The Athletics Federation of India will organize the Grand Prix of India 6 in the national capital on September 5 to give their athletic athletes one last chance to qualify for the World Championships .

Male athletes can compete in 400m obstacles, pole vault, long jump, Triple jump , weight throwing, javelin throw and 4x400m relay. For women, the events will be 100m, 200m, 400m and the long jump.

"The Grand Prix of India which was scheduled for 5th September 2019 at Chennai will now be held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on same date. This will be the Grand Prix of India - VI," the AFI He said in a circular to his affiliated units.

Athletes who meet the Entry Standards are eligible to participate. Its performance must have been achieved either at the National Meeting or at the State Meeting where the electronic system had been used, he added.

The AFI also invited foreign athletes to take part in the event.

The World Championships are scheduled to be held in Doha from September 28-October 6 and the qualifying deadline for the prestigious event is midnight of September 6.