The most important factor is the credibility of the government, there is an underlying current for NDA: Rajnath Singh

Expressing confidence to defeat parties based on caste, Interior Minister Rajnath singh Akhilesh Singh tells Bharti Jain that the trends have changed and that people are voting on merit. Excerpts from an interview:

Although the prime minister has condemned Pragya Thakur's comments about Nathuram Godse, the opposition says that if BJP is serious, why do not they fire her?

The party management has taken a serious view of his statement and a warning of cause has been issued. You have been asked to provide an explanation after which appropriate action will be taken. However, the party immediately dissociated itself from his statement and condemned what he said.

But do not you think the party should have been cautious when selecting candidates like Thakur?

The selection of candidates is carried out by the central elections committee. A single person can not be responsible for that. Also, I do not think there was any problem with her candidacy since she is not a convict.

BJP has defended the decision saying that it is part of the party Against congressional leaders like Digvijay Singh who coined phrases like saffron terror and Hindu terror?

Congress made a great mistake by devising invented terms such as Hindu terror and saffron terror. His wrong agenda weakened the country's war on terror. Terror has no religion and what Congress did was very unfortunate.

Do you think there is evidence that cases like Malegaon's explosions were manipulated?

It was widely discussed that the manipulation has been carried out and the cases were fabricated. However, it will not be pertinent to talk about a subject that is sub judice. But several tests had emerged that showed that there were manipulations.

As Minister of the Interior, what was your approach to terrorism cases?

We were very successful in containing the threat of terror. Although incidents like Pathankot and Gurdaspur occurred, we managed to contain them and no incident occurred beyond Ju0026K. Even in Ju0026K, there is great coordination between the Army, state police, central forces and intelligence units. I think Congress diluted attempts to contain terror. In 2004, Atal Bihari Vajpayee He signed an agreement with Pervez Musharraf after the latter assured him that Pakistani soil would not be used for terror. But Manmohan Singh He agreed with Pakistan's claim that he was also a victim of terror.

He recently said that the law of sedition will be stricter, but Congress pledged to abolish it.

I do not understand why there should not be a law against sedition. Yes, I reiterate my position but we have to guarantee safeguards against its misuse.

Would you agree that the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka is also a challenge for India?

India is always cautious about terror. However, Prime Minister Modi has achieved great success in incorporating the international community against terrorism. They also agreed that the maximum terror comes from Pakistan.

BJP is optimistic to do better than 2014. What is your opinion?

Not only are we optimistic, but we are confident of winning more seats than in 2014.

You say that development was the key factor, but you can see emotional issues such as national security, nationalism and religion as dominant factors.

The most important factor is the credibility of the government. BJP's credibility has increased compared to 2014. You can see that 2004 and 2019 are two surveys where inflation and corruption are not survey topics, which shows that BJP is a better manager of the economy.

You hope to defeat the alliance of caste-based parties, do you see an imminent end to caste politics?

I am sure that the trends have changed and people are voting on merit. There is much talk of an underground current in favor of the NDA.