Mumbai Laughter Club celebrates Independence Day

The city laugh club does not miss a single day of red letters: they have celebrated Valentines Day, Laughter Day, Republic Day and today, on August 15 they marked Independence Day With special fervor. Laughter club members, along with Priyadarshini Park walkers and the Malabar Hill Citizens’ Forum, met at Priyadarshini Park early in the morning. Around 200 participants came dressed in Tricolour hues, sang patriotic songs and wished each other.

Joining for a solemn purpose


The group first had a flag raising ceremony . The event started with everyone singing Vande Mataram , this was followed by the unfurling of the national flag. They paid respects to it and saluted it. Next, everyone indulged in a round of patriotic songs. They sang ‘Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara’ and a few other ones. To round up the event, was the laughter session. Says Kishore Kuvavala, “Our group has been celebrating both Republic Day and Independence Day for the last 20 years. Participants are from all communities and we all come together with a single purpose – to respect our national flag. Today, too we welcomed the 73rd year of Independence with so much joy. For those who did not know all the songs, we handed out pamphlets with the song words so they could all sing together.”

As was also Raksha Bandhan , after the session, the event tied rakhis on the wrist Everyone had a jalebi-fafda breakfast to finish.