Kulfi Kumar Bajewala fame Akriti Sharma's mother in the disappearance of Vidya Sinha: I still haven't told my daughter, she will bother

The news of the actress Vidya Sinha The disappearance was a surprise to many. The actress who was seen on the show. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Like Baby, it was extremely warm on the sets with everyone. The team looked at her and shared a good bond.

Actress Akriti Sharma who rehearses Kulfi's role in the program was extremely close to Vidya ji and shared a great relationship with his grandmother on screen.

I met the news around 11:30 am today and it was a surprise for me. I couldn't believe it, said Dimple, Akririt's mother. She was very close and fond of Akriti and always got her favorite food from home. Last time also when I had gone to the set, I was sick but I wanted to spend time with Akriti. I would also guide her in acting and give her suggestions to improvise. Akriti loved her very much and loved her. We went to see her the last time she entered the hospital and had a good 2-3 hours. But this time, we couldn't go since Akriti had his exams going for 15 days.

Speaking about Akriti's reaction to the sad news, Dimple said: I haven't told Akriti about the news yet. It will bother. He will probably tell you tomorrow unless he finds out for himself on the Internet or friends.

Vidya ji rehearsed the role of Akriti, also known as Kukfi's grandmother on screen.

We have many memories of Akrit and Vidya ji. He was really a warm and pleasant human being. We will miss her, Dimple said.