Evaru is the type of thriller you would like to see for the second time

His smooth and elegant acting as a RAW agent in Goodachari earned him the nickname of India 007, but Adivi Sesh recognizes his corrupt police act in Evaru It will make the public forget about their avatar of James Bondesque. “I play a corrupt policeman named Vikram Vasudev. He is not the type of policeman bigger than the life we ​​have seen in movies like Gabbar Singh, Temper or Dookudu . Vikram, a typical type of small and lazy town, is someone you would describe as a cool fellow, who is always looking to make quick money, Sesh shares, smiling. HT15SESHFFF Vikram is assigned the job of solving the murder case of a police officer, played by Naveen Chandra , who is killed by his alleged rape victim. What looks like an open and shut case at the outset turns into a murky saga as Vikram delves deeper and finds out that nothing is what it seems. “There is a lot of intrigue involved in this film and the audience will be left guessing until the very end. But it’s not a dark thriller, mind you. It connects with the heart at the same time while taking the audience by surprise. The emotional touch behind each twist in the story will be impactful, ”explains Sesh, adding,“ You can't miss even a single moment of Evaru. It’s the kind of film many would love to watch a second time, just to connect all the dots. ”Regina plays the rape victim in the film and Sesh says the equation between the two of them will be one of the highlights. “There’s a lot of discussion and conversation that happens between us. There’s no romance, but there’s a lot of interesting conversation, which will be entertaining in its own way, ”he says. The trailer of the film has drawn comparisons with Amitabh Bachchan- Taapsee Pannu-starrer Badla, giving rise to speculation that Evaru is a remake of the Sujoy Ghosh directorial. Sesh though you have a very cryptic response to the hearsay. “The tagline of our film reads:‘ All answers will be questioned ’. To all those who are making these comparisons, I just have one thing to say - ‘All your questions will be answered once you watch this film’. ”

Produced by PVP under PVP Cinema, Evaru releases today.