'Evaru': five reasons to see Adivi Sesh and Regina Cassandra protagonist

Newcomer Venkat Ramji stars Evaru Adivi Sesh & Regina Cassandra in leading roles, apart from Naveen Chandra , Murli Krishna & Nihail is making waves on social media. After delivering hits with thrillers like ‘Kshanam’ & ‘Goodachari’, Adivi Sesh ’s ‘Evaru’ is one the most-awaited films. While fans of the stellar cast will have enough reasons to watch the film, here are our five reasons why:

The story of Venkat Ramji

Talking to Hyderabad Times, debutant director Venkat Ramji had revealed that the story of ‘Evaru’ was based on an idea producer PVP had. “Evaru is an unpredictable thriller; it’s like a dice you roll never knowing what number you’re gonna get. The film wastes no time delving into the story & every few minutes there’s going to be a new revelation. You’ll never predict where it goes,” he said.

Adivi Sesh & Regina Cassandra

Adivi Sesh was last seen in ‘Goodachari’ & Regina Cassandra in ‘Awe’. Both the actors delivered such stupendous performances; it’s hard not to look forward to their next. Judging by the trailer, which sees Adivi Sesh play the role of a corrupt cop from Tamil Nadu called Vikram Vasudev & Regina Cassandra play a rape victim called Sameera who murders her rapist, the two have delivered amazing performances in this one too.

The star cast

Apart from the lead pair, the film also sees former child artist Nihal, looking for his missing father played by Murli Sharma & a cop from Andhra Pradesh called Ashok played by Naveen Chandra . With such good actors, it’s only expected that the film will do well. Especially so when talking to Hyderabad Times, Regina Cassandra promised that Naveen Chandra & his character will be ‘total fire on-screen’. “His character is the complete opposite of who he is in real life & it was a difficult character to pull off,” she said.

Sricharan Pakala’s music & Vamsi Patchipulusu’s visuals

Sricharan Pakala is one of the most-underrated music composers TFI has, having composed music for not just Adivi Sesh ’s previous thrillers, but also films like ‘Idam Jagath’ & more. This film sees music & BGM by Sricharan Pakala. Regina Cassandra told Hyderabad Times, “Evaru has been elevated much due to his music & Vamsi’s cinematography.” Talking about the debutant DOP, director Ramji had also said, “He did such a wonderful job, he got a lot of calls after the trailer released. He’s also doing Keerthy Suresh’s next film.”

The surprise of everything

While Adivi Sesh had announced that he was shooting for ‘Goodachari 2’ & ‘Major’ details of ‘Evaru’s shoot were kept under wraps by the filmmakers. Buzz is that even in the film industry circles it was not known that the film was being shot. In a recent interview, Adivi Sesh even stated that this was so the film’s key twists & conflict points would be kept under wraps at any cost. Now, if that doesn’t create enough intrigue is anyone to watch the film, we don’t know what will!

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