Who checks your Facebook photos? Wipro and his employees

NEW DELHI: We Have News For You. A Team Of Over 250 Overworked Techies In Hyderabad Repaired By You Facebook Photos, Categorizes Them Into Five" Dimensions" And Tries To Figure Out Why You Posted Those Photos - Was It A Party, A Joke Or An Important Event In Your Life? These Contract Employees Have Survived Facebook Photos Posted Since 2014, And In The Last Year They Are Tagged - The First Step To Autonomous Photo Recognition.

Details Of The Project Were Revealed By A Reuters Report, Which Is The Information From Multiple Employees At Wipro, The Outsourcing Firm That Is Working On Behalf Of Facebook.

The Report Says Facebook Later Confirmed Many Details Of The Project. Wipro Declined To Comment And Referred All Questions To Facebook. The Wipro Work Is Among About 200 Content Labeling Projects That Facebook Has At Any Time, Employing Thousands Of People Globally, Facebook Says. The Wipro Workers Said They Gain A Window Into The Lives Of People As They View A Vacation Photo Or A Post Memorializing A Deceased Family Member.

Though Content Labeling Projects Such As These Are Often Anonymized - Photos Are Stripped Or Identified Information Of The Owner - Facebook Acknowledged That Some Posts, Including Screenshots And Those With Comments, May Include User Names.

So Why Does Facebook Need To Do This? Well, The First Step To Creating An Artificial Intelligence Capable Of Recognizing Photos Is Labeling Them - The Machine First Needs A Collection Of Cat Photos Labeled Cat To Recognize Future Cat Photos. But Facebook (and Also Google And Others) Have AI Capable Of Doing This.

But The Wipro Project Suggests Facebook Could Work On An AI That Could Recognize The" Context" Of A Photo, Not Just The Person Or Object In It - A Happy Photo, A Sad Photo And Such. To Train The Software On This, First Needs Tranches Or Photos With Correct Labeling.

Thankfully, You Have Uploaded All Those Photos On Facebook. And Thankfully, Contract Workers Are Available To Sit Through And Stare At All Those Random Photos.

Facebook Confirmed Labelers In Timisoara, Romania And Manila, The Philippines Are Involved In The Same Project. It Said Its Analysis Is Ongoing And Thus Could Not Provide Resulting Product Decisions. Now Go On And Post An Angry Selfie On Facebook!