No crime in Huawei 5G leak: British police

LONDON: The Secret Leak That Britain Had Conditionally Allowed China ' S Huawei To Develop His 5G Network That Overthrew The Minister Of Defense Is Not Coming Down On A Crime, Police Concluded Saturday.

Prime Minister Theresa May Has Resigned Wednesday As Minister Of Defense For The Leak Last Month Of The Bitter Dispute Of The Decision That Was Taken At The National Security Council (NSC) Meeting Of April 23.

After The Police Announcement, Williamson, Who Had Vigorously Protested Against His Innocence, Said He Was The Victim Of A Shabby" Witch Hunt" .

He Hit Out In May And Mark Sedwill, Great Britain ' S Senior Official Who The Government ' S Internal Leak Investigation That Led To His Dismissal.

Williamson Said In A Statement:" With The Metropolitan Police Unwilling To Do A Criminal Investigation, It Is Clear That A Good, Full And Impartial Investigation Should Be Performed On This Shabby And Discredited Witch Hunt That Has Been Badly Abused By Both The Premier And Mark Sedwill.

NSC Discussions Are Only Attended By Senior Ministers And Security Officials Who First Sign That They Are Obliged To Keep Information Private Or To Prosecute Risks.

Some Prominent Opposition Figures Requested A Police Investigation.

But In A Statement On Saturday, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head Of Specialist Operations At The London Metropolitan Police, Said A Probe Would Be Inappropriate.

I Am Pleased That What Was Revealed Does Not Contain Any Information That Violates The Official Confidentiality Law, Said Basu, Whose Section Is Responsible For Investigating Suspected Criminal Violations Of The Law.

I Am Pleased That The Disclosure Did Not Come Down To A Punishable Fact, Either Under The Official Confidentiality Act Or Misconduct In A Public Office. No Crime Has Been Committed And This Is Not A Matter For The Police.

" The Leak Did Not Damage The Public Interest At A Level At Which It Was Necessary To Address Misconduct In A Public Office.

It Would Be Inappropriate To Conduct A Police Investigation In These Circumstances.

The Leak That Appeared In The Daily Telegraph Newspaper, Suggested That May Huawei Had Switched Off To Be Involved In" Non-Core" . Elements Of The 5G Network, Such As Antennas.

Williamson Told To Saturday ' S Daily Mail Newspaper: I Am Generously Sewn. It's Pretty Painful. The Only Thing I Want To Do Now Is Erase My Name. " Newspapers Speculated Saturday That Williamson, A Sharp Operator, Was Reaching Out For May.

The 42-year-old Was A Trusted Ally Of The Premier.

He Was May ' S Parliamentary Campaign Leader When She Successfully Became The Conservative Party's Leader In 2016.

Williamson Were Belonged To Be Belonged To The Function Of Main Whip - Charged For Enforcing Discipline For Conservatives In Parliament And Exercising Power Over Crimes.

The Times Quoted One Ally As Saying:" Gavin Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried - Because He Buried Them Himself." He Was Replaced By Defense Department By Penny Mordaunt.

The US Are Fiercely Signed Involvement Sign Of Chinese Tech Giant Huawei ' In Developing The 5G Network Of Great Britain Because Of The Company's Obligation To Help Its Intelligence To Collect Or Provide Other Security Services Under Chinese Law.

David Lidington, The Effective Assistant Sheriff Of May ' Said Thursday That There Are No Plans To Pass On Information From The Internal Leakage Investigation To The Police, Because The Premier Considered The Issue Closed.

Basu Said That Unless A Crime Was Called In, The Police Could Not Investigate Nothing And His Unity Had Got No Evidence Of An Alleged Crime. (AFP)