This revived version of the song Jaamu Raathiri by Kshana Kshanam will make your day

The other day became the 56th anniversary of the birth of the legendary actress. Sridevi who offered memorable performances throughout his illustrious film career that spanned more than five decades. Among his numerous blockbusters, Kshana Kshanam He will undoubtedly be in the front row while the whole drama revolved around his interesting role. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma In 1991, the road robbery film also acquired great success in the music department.

Made up of the iconic MM Keeravani , all songs in Kshana Kshanam turned out to become instant chartbusters with special accolades to Jaamu Raathiri. Rendered by the legendary duo of SP Balasubrahmanyam and Chitra , the touching number presented some significant letters written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry .

Taking into account the birth anniversary of Sridevi, Keeravani gave a tribute to the great actress by releasing the revived version of Jaamu Raathiri song cantados por varios cantantes of la nueva era como Hemachandra, Kaala Bhairava, Manisha, Deepu, Damini, Mounima, Shruthi, Noel Sean, Prudhvi Chandhra. los clip of vídeo recibió un disparo en la ciudad estadounidense of San José.

The song has already gone viral on social networks with celebrities like RGV praising it. Along with the song, Keeravani posted a heartfelt note thanking the entire team and technicians.

“13 of agosto of 1990

I still remember this day like yesterday ...

Teatro of grabación Prasad 70 mm, Chennai

Mi amigo Manisharma en el teclado, Ricky D'Costa con ritmos, Geminirao garu con percusiones indias, sobre todo la interpretación conmovedora of Sri Balu garu y Chithra garu ... Agradezco especialmente a Sri Sirivennela garu por no solo escribir hermosas letras para esta canción. y también concebir la situación of la canción y convencer a Ramu garu sobre eso. ¡Muchos esfuerzos of artistas eminentes hicieron que esta canción fuera memorable hasta la fecha y la canción cumple 30 años hoy!

Hope you enjoy the innovative work of my group of singers at San Jose. Most of the singers were not even born when this song was recorded.”