Air India flights to and from Hong Kong are suspended until further information

NEW DELHI: Continuous riots in Hong Kong force the frequent closure of its international Airport (HKIA), first on Monday and then again on Tuesday night, has affected several people who would travel between India and the rest of the world through this important transit center. Indian air It has suspended flights to and from Hong Kong to obtain more information in view of the prevailing situation.

On Tuesday night, HKIA posted on its website: Terminal operations in Hong Kong International Airport they have been seriously interrupted, and all check-in processes have now been suspended. ” This happened after Cathay Pacific issued a travel notice on its website saying that travelers are encouraged to postpone non-essential trips from HKIA to Wednesday.

Hong Kong clashHong Kong clash Police collide with protesters at the Hong Kong airport. (Photo: Reuters)

There are about 75 weekly flights between Indian cities and Hong Kong operated by Cathay Pacific, Indian air , IndiGo and SpiceJet. While flights were expected to resume from Tuesday night, the closure of HKIA meant they have again been cancelled. Since it’s the start of the busy student travel season in the US and Australia, travel majors say many from India who were to go via Hong Kong are now alternate arrangements.

“This is the peak student travel period for North America and Australia. We are receiving requests from travelers to re-book their trip, said the director of operations of the Yatra travel portal, Sharat Dhall, and added: The airlines are giving full refunds for canceled flights and are allowing to book again at the same rate .