I don't care about the medium as an actor: Netri Trivedi

by Netri Trivedi , which has successfully ventured between the theater and Gujarati films, the medium does not matter. Netri, who has been part of movies like Chello Divas Armaan and Shu Thayu? ?, has also experimented with his choices in the theater. While he has made a series of minimalist plays, he has also been part of visually extravagant plays such as Kadak Badshahi . But for Netri, the nature of the work does not matter, since the actor must make the same effort in both types of works.nNetri says: An actor cares very little if a work is minimalist in terms of its visual appeal or if It has extravagant scenes, lights and sound effects. In fact, it is more difficult to be part of a great performance as it has many elements that must be taken into account.