Bigg Boss Tamil 3, episode 51, August 13, 2019, written update: The argument between Abhirami Venkatachalam and Mugen Rao becomes an ugly fight

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 , Vanitha Vijayakumar along with Sherin Shringar begins to advise Abhirami Venkatachalam . They say having a unilateral love for someone (referring to Abhirami's crush Mugen Rao ) who is not available and is already in a relationship, ends in great pain. Sherin says that Mugen also has the same responsibility in relationship issues with Abhirami. But, she alone takes all the blame.

Vanitha says that, in the case of Abhirami, he has been expressing his crush on Mugen. Therefore, she seems zero and he seems a hero. Vanitha asks Abhirami to drop his madness for Mugen completely. Abhirami is influenced by the preaching of Vanitha and Sherin. In front of Mugen Rao and other housemates, Abhirami picks the topic of the discussion conducted by the host Kamal Haasan during the weekend. Earlier, Kamal said that, Abhirami being close with Mugen shouldn’t hamper his growth in the show. Hence, Kamal asked Abhirami to keep distance from him. Abhirami asks Mugen, why didn’t he lend his support to her in any form during that weekend discussion. He shouldn’t have left her alone to take the full blame upon her.nOne by one, Madhumitha , followed by Cherán, Vanitha, Sherin and other housemates jump into the discussion. Cheran He says, there is a lack of clarity in Abhirami-Mugen's relationship. Sandy Master Tharshan Thiyagarajah and Kavin extend their support to Mugen. They say, from the beginning Mugen has been clear enough and conveying his relationship status frequently about having a crush outside the house.All the female housemates starts shooting questions to Mugen and majority of male housemates lend support to Mugen. Abhirami screams and says, she and Mugen are matured enough to sort out their issues by themselves. She just wanted to clear her doubts with Mugen. Nobody is ganging against anyone.Mugen says, it didn’t strike his mind during discussion with Kamal. Otherwise, he also could have taken whatever blame he could in his relationship issue with Abhirami. Mugen adds, he kept distance from Abhirami. Abhirami says, Tharshan’s way of avoiding Meera Mithun was the right approach to distance from any girl. Mugen didn’t behave in that way.Tharshan gets tensed and says, if it was the other way around, all the support would have gone for a girl. In Mugen’s case, he is made to face the wrath without doing any mistakes from his side.Mugen says, he likes Abhirami very much. But, just as a friend and nothing more. While the heated fight is on, both Mugen and Abhirami picks the chair in anger. The housemates stop both of them and Kasthuri takes Abhirami outside.Sandy gets irritated by the Vanitha’s insinuation of Abhirami. Kavin asks Vanitha to control the overriding of emotions. Mugen and Abhirami bursts out in this emotional fight.Vanitha and Cheran makes it clear to Mugen that, if he doesn’t remain clear and block Abhirami when she gets close with him and cut off ties with her, it might land him into trouble.Abhirami meets Mugen and says, she didn’t try to speak anything to assassinate his character. She didn’t try to hurt him. But, when others jumped into the discussion, things went out of control. She apologises for hurting him. Mugen says, a discussion that should have been held politely was turned into a chaos in the house.As the buzzer for luxury budget task is played in the house, the housemates starts reacting like hotel staff with Vanitha, while she corresponds like a guest. Kasthuri Shankar he tells Vanitha, she admires his clarity (Vanitha) for sure. If I could convey your advice without raising your voice, it could be great.