Dirty tank accessories - August 13, 2019

BANGALORE, August 13 (Reuters) - Dirty tank facilities (reservations): KT Ship Cargo/Destination Date Rate Chartere AFRAMAX NISSOS DELOS 80 ES SIDER/MED 21-22/08 W70 ENI SWORD 80 CPC/UKCM 29-30/08 RNR CHEVRON MINERVA ANTARCTICA 80 SIDI/GDANSK 22-24/08 USD 650K PKN VERNADSKY PROSPECT 100 PRIMORSK/UKC 23/08 W57,5 + SHORTS CSSA Note: FO = The ship will be loading fuel. L/H = Basrah heavy and light heavy crude oil load. DNR: Date not reported Accessories of dirty tanks in TAN/D. For general SHP shipping stories, for tanker rates, double click on 0 # FRT-