Written update of Kumkum Bhagya, August 13, 2019: Purab is surprised to see Disha with Rishabh

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya , Pallavi asks Vikram what he has for her. Abhi takes Vikram's side and says that he purchased a diamond ring for her. She blames herself for being jealous and getting into a fight. Abhi tells Pallavi that Vikram kept the ring in his room. On the other side, Disha gives medicine to the CM and receives a message from Rishabh.

Abhi tells Vikram to order a ring for Pallavi. Vikram asks Abhi about his wife and the latter says that she used to take revenge on him. Abhi tells Vikram that she used to tell him not to drink but if he drank then she would drink as well. Disha calls Rishabh and searches for him. Purab notices Disha but as he is about to go towards her Rishabh remembers seeing Purab in the hospital.

Abhi remembers the time I've spent with Pragya and recalls their romantic moment. Vikram enters Abhi 's room and the latter gets shocked. The two get into an argument. Abhi tells Vikram to leave him alone but he denies. Vikram tells Abhi that jewelers have refused to give him the ring at such a short notice. Abhi tells him to take a ring from Pallavi's jewelry set and gift her the same. Vikram tells Abhi to help him.

Prachi sees Ranbir and the two get into an argument. Prachi calls him a liar and leaves. Disha introduces Rishabh as his business partner to CM. CM tells Disha to call Abhi shek Mehra.

Abhi and Vikram come to Pallavi's room and take a ring from her jewelery set. Pallavi enters her room and both Abhi and Vikram hide in the cupboard. Pallavi gets scared thinking that there is a robbery at her house and calls Vikram. Pallavi takes the knife and stands outside the cupboard.

Shahana arrives at the party and remembers Aryan saying she wants a simple girl. Shanana goes to Prachi and tells him to lend her clothes. Prachi asks if he wants to impress a boy, but Shanana escapes.