Anup Jalota lends his voice for a TV show on Shri Krishna

Singer-musician Anup Jalota , popular for its devotional songs and ghazals, will recite bhajans and shlokas for the mythological show Paramavatar Shri Krishna ".

The bhajans and shlokas, recited by Anup, will encapsulate Krishna's trip to Mahabharat while also representing his teachings to Arjun during various stages of the show.

Although I have sung several devotional pieces, lending my voice to a divine journey through Lord Krishna was a completely different and heavenly experience, he said.

The bhajans and shlokas come in different varied phases and capture Lord Krishna's journey towards the war of the most memorable mythology. I think that the representation of Mahabharata and the images presented in this story will really improve my music and will be a lovely experience for the public, he added.