Shweta Tiwari's husband, Abhinav Kohli, received bail in a sexual abuse case

Abhinav Kohli husband of the leading television actress, Shweta Tiwari who was arrested Sunday for sexually abusing his stepdaughter, Palak was released on bail Tuesday by a trial court. The 38-year-old defendant must deposit a sum of Rs 15,000 against the bond.

Abhinav Kohli was produced in Borivali court today and has been granted bail. He is out on bail, but the case will be on. The actress, along with Palak, filed a complaint at Samta Nagar police station (Kandivali East) on Sunday (August 11).

According to the FIR staying at the Samta Nagar police station, Abhinav had been sexually harassing his 21-year-old stepdaughter since October 2017. When Shweta was away, he used abusive language with his daughter. He would show obscene photographs of women on his cell phone and make inappropriate comments about his body. He also made fun of her and had hit her on some occasions. When she began to threaten to harm her mother, the girl became frightened.

The girl endured harassment from 2017 to 2019, as she thought it was a family affair and that things would improve. But when he couldn't take it anymore, he trusted his mother on Sunday. Her mother took her immediately to the police station around 1.45 pm. The two were at the police station for several hours while the girl narrated her terrible experience in detail, said an officer at the Samta Nagar police station.

The police filed charges of sexual harassment, assault and intimidation under the IPC, in addition to the provisions of the Information Technology Law, against the defendant. He was arrested under Sections 509, 354 (a), 323, 504, 506 of the IPC and 67-A of the IT Law.