The people of Nilambur have faced an irreparable loss: Shebin Benson

“Our grandparents were moved from our ancestral home in Chingathara as our two-story home is flooded. The people of Nilambur have faced an irreparable loss, says the actor. Shebin benson , who along with his brother Nebish have coordinated aid activities of Kochi and Bengaluru, respectively.

Shebin tells us: “We are working focusing on the eight relief camps in Nilambur. Our friends are actively collecting the materials we are sending from Kochi and Bengaluru. They inform us of the essential requirements and we go to different collection centers here, gather the materials and send them in trucks. ”

The effect of this year's rains has been massive in Nilambur. “A bridge that connects Chungathara and nearby areas has been completely destroyed. We will face many practical difficulties when the rain subsides, ”he says.