Rakshit Shetty encourages the adoption of stray dogs

Sandalwood star Rakshit Shetty has expressed support for the protection of stray dogs and joined forces with CARE organisation, to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and provide them with a homely shelter. Spreading a word about the cause, Rakshit He shared a video on his social media accounts and urged his followers to support the campaign.

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“We see so many dogs on every street in our country. However, we choose foreign breed dogs to adopt. But, Indian dogs are smarter than other dogs. They adapt well to our environment and are low maintenance too. These dogs need a home, family, and love, ”Rakshit stated in the video. The CARE organization will be hosting a stray dog ​​adoption drive on August 15, Independence Day and Rakshit was happy to lend his name to the cause. Interestingly, Rakshit Shetty ’s upcoming film '777 Charlie' features a pup, who plays an important role in the narrative. Expressing his love for the canine, in an interview with Bombay Times, Rakshit had said, “Working with Charlie has taught me patience and the art of sitting still. I’ve had fish oil smeared on my face just so that the scene of her licking my face looks natural. She’s made my resolution of being detached from pets slowly melt away and now I can’t do without hugging her when she’s around. In fact, once the film wraps up, Charlie will come home to stay with me.”