Review of the first episode of Sanjivani 2: Dr. Shashank, a new pairing and iconic melody will keep you hooked

The reboot version of the successful 2002 show premiered tonight and Sanjivani's iconic melody brought back many memories.

Sanjivani 2 It begins with the entry of fresh face Namit Khanna in the role of Dr. Siddharth. The main character makes a heroic shirtless entry when jumping into a river to prevent a child from drowning.

Use a knife, alcohol and a plastic pipe to cut the child's throat and keep it alive. The scene can make you shiver a little. Dr. Sid then calls the emergency and gives the child an air ambulance by addressing him as the son of a politician.

Then he starts a dialogue like: The rich can save themselves by the power of money, but the poor have to depend on play. Finally it reveals that the child is being taken to Sanjivani Hospital, where every life is important.

Surbhi Chandna's character makes an entry. Seen in the role of Dr. Ishani, she is a first-year resident doctor.

Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid collide with each other, where the first confuses him with being a patient and hands him a chocolate by announcing that he has low blood pressure. Seriously? Who distributes chocolates to a random stranger just by looking him in the eye?


Well, moving forward ... introduce us Mohnish Bahl and Rohit Roy’s characters. Mohnish Bahl is back as Dr. Shashank and Sanjivani fans can rejoice. However, he is coping with some disease and you will soon get to know in the upcoming episodes.

Rohit's character, Dr. Vardaan, appears as a cunning and money-minded businessman, who cleverly leaves sarcastic comments. Dr. Shashank is about to announce his retirement and his daughter, Dr. Anjali ( Sayantani Ghosh ) also has his eyes on his father's position.


Many small characters are presented and we will see more of them. One worth mentioning is Dr. Asha Kanwar played by Rashmi Singh. She can bother you with her Haryanvi accent but it brings a fun element.


Dr. Sid is challenged by Vardaan, the Chief Financial Officer, who is against operating the child because he cannot pay the fees. But, Dr. Sid insists on organizing his medical fees.

Dr. Shashank and Vardaan appear as opposite poles. While Dr. Shashank practices and preaches: people's lives are more important than money, Vardaan believes that Sanjivani is a hospital that seeks money.

Dr. Ishani tries to sabotage Dr. Sid's career when she sees him taking a donation from an actress. His constant fights build enmity, and this will play an important role in the season.

When talking about his characters, Dr. Sid's role is established as flirtatious, unconcerned, does not care about social norms, seeks real-time possibilities and acts quickly. On the other hand, Surbhi Chandna's character, Dr. Ishani, is loud, boisterous, hyperactive, super intelligent, not afraid to call things by name and she brings a mystery to her education.

In addition to some exaggerated dramatic moments, the show will become interesting in the coming episodes. The 2019 version has a fresh feeling, an elegant look and a pretty colorful touch.

Moments to remember: The melody of Sanjivani playing in the middle and the proud moment in which Ishani reacts after being treated as a Doctor by a hospital staff.

Things you can't miss:

Colorful stethoscopes carried by doctors.

A huge structure of Lord Hanuman carrying a mountain (which implies Sanjivani), which serves as a chandelier in the hospital.