Written update of Divya Drishti August 11, 2019: Rakshit attacked by monkey man

In the last episode of Divya Drishti Divya prevents Drishti from entering the cave. Mahima supports her. On the other hand, Pishachini Throw Bichu into the cave and take the gem. She makes fun of the three and leaves there.

Drishti tells Divya that they will be able to remove the gem sooner or later. They move out of the place, but Drishti wonders who the animal he saw was. Meanwhile, Rakshit Hope all is well with Divya, Drishti and Mahima.

Pishachini rejoices getting the 'mahashakti' of one of the 'ratnas'. A strange creature enters the Shergill house, the sound of which Drishti recalls is similar to the animal she saw earlier. Drishti is given by some fruits for 'vrat' by her mom.

Rakshit teases Drishti about keeping fast. She tells him she is not doing it for him, but for their mom's happiness. The Shergill house is decorated beautifully for the Teej Puja.

Drishti realises even Rakshit has kept the fast. The entire family celebrates together by dancing and singing. Divya waits for Shikhar as he goes to attend a call. Meanwhile, Pishachini tries to gain power from the gems.

Elsewhere, Chachi slips due to banana peels all over the floor. Everyone is surprised to find several banana peels on the floor. Drishti sees the tail of an animal, and another family member sees his paw.

A servant informs them that an animal has been spotted nearby. They are all dead sure it was sent by Pishachini.

Drishti wonders if it is the same animal he saw in his vision. Divya and others make a plan to catch the animal. Drishti worries about not having enough power to protect them. In the next scene, everyone is surprised to see the monkey in the house.

The monkey attacks Aish and Simran. Rakshit and Divya try to save them. Drishti decides to touch his forehead to know everything about him. Pishachini plays the 'damru' and summons the monkey. Before going, he hurts Rakshit with his tail.

The monkey man comes to the 'deodi'. Meanwhile, Drishti sees she is falling off the terrace. Divya tries to connect the dots. Rakshit and Drishti reach the 'deodi' as they learn Pishachini has got some clue or is about to get one.

The monkey man watches them. Drishti sees feather on the floor but as soon as she touches them, they vanish. However, she gets her clue. The monkey man comes to the Shergill house. Divya stops him. Rakshit and Drishti find the ticket for a play.