Newlywed couple jumps for train, blames relatives in obituary

BENGALURU: A Newlywed Couple Committed Suicide By Jumping On Monday Morning For A Moving Train In The Village Of Veerapura Near Doddaballapura Their Families Had Resisted Marriage.

Yeshwantpur Railway Police Said V, 28, And Leelavathi, 18, Of Shantinagar In Doddaballapura, Had Been In Love But Their Parents Were Against It. They Tied The Knot A Month Ago With Help From Friends And Lived Together In Shantinagar.

While Lakshmipati Worked As A Worker With A Timber Trader, Leelavathi Attended A Diploma Course In A Private School. The Police Said The Couple Left A Note In Which They Blamed Their Family For The Suicide. We Have Registered A Case Of Unnatural Death And Record Statements From Both Families, Railroad Police Said.

The Police Said The Couple Left At Midnight Last Sunday. Manu, A Cousin Of Lakshmipati, Received A Text Message At 3.48 Hours From Him That He And Leelavathi Would Commit Suicide And Asked Him To Shrug Their Bodies In The Morning. Manu Read The Message Around 6:00 AM And Informed His Family And Friends. More Than 20 People Hurried To Doddaballapura Train Station And Went Looking For The Couple. The Bodies Were Found In The Village Of Veerapura Near The Industrial Area Of ​​Bashettihalli.

Manjunath, A Common Friend, Claimed That The Families Were Against Marriage Because Leelavathi Was Still A Minor.