Did CoA approve compliance with NADA of BCCI?

MUMBAI: except the Olympic movement, one that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has been extremely interested in joining over the years and, therefore, has insisted that all its members register with their respective national anti-doping agencies, the Indian cricket board, did not really have to comply With the requirements of India. National Anti-Doping Agency ( NOTHING ) last week.

The 10-year resistance of the BCCI ended in just 10 minutes last Friday when the Board refused to dispute any contentious issue in its meeting with national sports secretary Radhey Shyam Jhulaniya and others.

The declared procedures of the Board itself dictate that such a decision was, in its entirety, related to the policy and, therefore, needed the approval of the members of the Board. BCCI . However, neither the Supreme Court appointed administrators nor the employees of the Board considered it necessary to obtain the approval of the members before compliance.

Why members, even the office-bearers of the BCCI were not informed about the decision. In all other issues, the office-bearers have been kept in the loop. Why not this time? say sources.

And even if the above factors had to be considered unworthy of consideration, TOI now understands that even CoA may not have granted approval for it.

"The minutes of the previous meeting were uploaded on the BCCI website. They do not contain any details of them (CoA) giving a nod to NOTHING compliance. In the meeting after that, the NOTHING details were discussed but was there an official go-ahead from the CoA to do this? Did the CoA members minute it," sources asked.

TOI understands that the members of the CoA asked BCCI CEO Rahul Johri and the legal team to attend the meeting on NOTHING in New Delhi and ensure that BCCI 's anti-doping head, Abhijit Salvi, was also present. "To that extent, yes, but were they asked to sign on the dotted line?"