Uppum Mulakum: Balu reveals the deep dark secrets of Mudiyan

Keshu and Shiva are in a research mood to unravel some of Mudiyan's deep dark secrets, since childhood. And his favorite person as always is his father Balu. Balu makes sure to add all the masala ingredients to his version of how Mudiyan was, as a child.

Neelu also sheds light on it. That said, what both say fully exploit the minds of Keshu, Shiva and Lechu. Balu says that his approach to his brothers was mrigeeyam, which leaves them in shock. Neelu says that in each house, the older child receives more love and attention from the parents.

Keshu then ventured for revenge for all the things Mudiyan did to him when he was a child. https://www.facebook.com/flowersonair/videos/2672293226116481/