Tollywood prepares for a zombie movie

The Bengali film industry is ready for its first zombie movie Zombiesthaan - Written and directed by Abhirup Ghosh. The film has an interesting premise and stars Rudranil Ghosh & Tnusree Chakraborty, whose linkup rumours once did the rounds of Tollywood. A post-apocalyptic adventure, Zombiesthaan is set in the year 2030, when, on a certain Black Day, a mysterious bio-chemical weapon ends up affecting a vast majority of the world population. It turns people into ferocious, insane cannibals. Governments fall because of the freak accident & all telecommunications systems go out of order. The world is majorly destroyed. Barely 5% of the population is still alive. In these circumstances, a female survivor called Akira (Tnusree), is traveling through the wastelands of Bengal, in search of a possible safe zone established by the military to protect the VVIPs of the state. 65990560_2315096231905787_3924585177707184128_o The film follows her journey & her numerous encounters with different survivors as well as dangerous zombie s. During her travels, she comes across Anil Chatterjee (Rudranil), a recluse, who has turned his house into a fortress & believes that the era of humans is over & the world is rebooting itself to make way for a new species. Akira also travels through a private estate, Horidas Nogor, & realises that a man called Raja Horidas has established monarchy & set a new world order in which women are kept as sex slaves & barter system is used for trade among different communities. The film takes the audiences on an exhilarating journey to the future. Zombiesthaan also stars Rajatava Dutta, Debolina Biswas, Jeena Tarafder, Sourav Saha, Souman Bose & others. While Ankkit Sengupta has been roped in as the cinematographer, music is by Megh Banerjee & Aviraj Sen.