The entire Association of Indian Film Workers demands a 'total ban' from Pakistani artists

Following Pakistan's decision to ban Indian films from its cinema, The Indian film workers association (AICWA) wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi , demanding a complete ban on Pakistani artists, diplomats and bilateral relations with Pakistan and your people

"AICWA urges all the film industry, film fraternity to put a complete stop to any association with Pakistan i artistes, musicians and diplomats. AICWA is demanding a strict 'say no to Pakistan ' for trade and bilateral relations. Entire film industry and cine workers have refused to work till there is no complete ban of Pakistan i makers, Artists & Trade partners," the letter read.

Earlier on Thursday, Pakistan announced the banning of Indian films from its cinemas across the nation. Firdous Ashiq Awan, special assistant to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Information and Broadcasting, said that this action was in retaliation for India's repeal of Article 370 , which gave a special status to the state of Jammu and cashmere , and allowed him to have a separate Constitution, a state flag and autonomy over internal administration.

Apart from demanding complete ban on Pakistan i artistes, AICWA President Suresh Shyamlal Gupta praised Modi for his "bold decision" of scrapping Article 370 .

"AICWA learns that after scrapping Article 370 and 35 A Pakistan have become vulnerable in feeding their prepetrators who were directly involved in provoking cashmere is to create a non cooperative movement against the Indian government."AICWA President Suresh Shyamlal Gupta praised Honourable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah and Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their bold decision and wish them luck on behalf of entire film industry and 1.3 billions Indians, the letter added.