Promising footballer Dalima Chhibber moves to Canada but will return soon

NEW DELHI: Dalima Chhibber It became a sensation on the Internet earlier this year when a video of her scoring a goal from 40 yards went viral on social media. It was a 2019 SAFF Women's Championship match against Nepal and Dalima's free kick hit the left corner of the post. The brilliance of the goal made people mock Dalima, and some compared it with David Beckham. Double as Dalima was the slogan that people spread on the Internet.

Dalima has now decided to make a move to Canada to pursue his master's degree in sports psychology and also play for a Canadian club. According to Dalima, the movement will not only help her grow as a footballer but also strengthen her financially.

Women's football , in general, is something that has started to gain a little recognition now. New girls are coming in. But in India, I see that as a far-fetched goal at the moment. That is the reason I chose Canada . Otherwise, I would be playing for a club in Europe, which is pretty expensive.

"I did not get enough sponsors. I have not received the expected support from people when I asked for it. I can see a future as a football er but I cannot see football sustaining me as a person. That is why I opted for Canada to play there and also complete my Masters because you need to sustain yourself financially while playing football ,” the 21-year-old told TOI at the sidelines of an event here.

USA and Canada are the hub of women’s football and Dalima feels the move will help her develop as a player.

“I will not be here with the national team but I am exposing myself to more football . I am going to a country which is known for women’s football . It will only help me develop as a player,” she said.

It is not that Dalima has completely separated from the national team. She has plans to return and put on the blue sweater.

With the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup scheduled for India next year, Dalima spoke about the lack of rumors about the high-profile tournament in the country.

At the moment, there is not much noise as it should have been. When the U-17 World Cup for men was held in India in 2017, the tournament was very popular even before the actual event began. It was the first time that India organized a FIFA tournament. In comparison, the U-17 Women's World Cup has not picked up. But I would say that in the next times, maybe by the end of the year, things will improve. ”