Jagdeep Sidhu comforted Ammy Virk when Harjeeta sank into the box office; Now that the film won the National Prize, they feel nostalgic.

When ‘Harjeeta’ premiered on May 18 of last year, he couldn't get a good box office. However, today after more than a year, the film received recognition in the 66th national awards ceremony . Harjeeta won the Best Punjabi Film title at the awards, and the young Sameep Singh earned recognition as Best Child Artist for the film.

Feeling overwhelmed by appreciating their work, both Jagdeep Sidhu & Ammy Virk have gone down the memory lane. When the movie was released & didn’t fetch them the expected response. Jagdeep Sidhu sent a consoling message to Ammy Virk . He wrote, “Dekh sardara, jo hona c ho gaya.. aapa mehnat kiti aa.. tareef v bhut aa hun kyu ni chali oh baba jane...,,, hopefully kal perso tak theek ho je.. ho gaya taan v theek na hoya taa v theek.. mehannatt eeni kiti aa dukh taan hunda hi eh par "kyu" da jawab aapa nu labh na ni... so koi ni.. jatt de putt aa kai waar bhut wadiya fasal te v gadde pay jande aa... kai waar bhut sohne aalu v sadka te tul jande aa.. so hun fer himmat ker ke wadiya fasal veej de aa.. masala chal da eh taan masala sahi love you”

(See friend, what is done is done, we work hard, we also appreciate it, but why it did not work only God knows it, I hope it is well tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ... if it improves, it is fine, if it does not work then It's fine too ... we work very hard, so being upset is justified, but we couldn't get the answer to why, so don't worry ... sometimes even the finest crop rots, the best of potatoes spill on the roads ... so let's prepare again to sow a good harvest, if masala works, then masala will be. I love you)

Both Ammy & Jagdeep have shared this message on their social media handles, expressing how bad they felt when the movie didn’t work & how great their are feeling now after bagging the national award.

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May 18, 2018 Oss raat neend ni aayi c te pata c bhara @ammyvirk v suta ni hona so I sent him a message ... but jayada mehnat kiti c ... te dukh bhut wada c ... finally ... We won our first National Prize 🥇 for HARJEETA .. 🤗🤗🤗 @vijaycam 🙏🙏 @pankajtripathi__ @sawanrupowali @rajsinghjhinger @ gurpreetkaur.bhangu.5 @ harjeethockey005 @iaasthagaur

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@ jagdeepsidhu3 bhra ne mainu aaah msg bhejeya c May 18, 2018 nu, release of the film Harjeeta aaale din, simple ajj v yaad aa oh feeel, the bcs movie did not work in boxoffice, te asin bahut jyada dukhi c, matlb bahut eeee jyada ... ... then I received this message from jaggi ... faith main socheya manaaa hun taan ho gya kammm, agge challiye ... faith lai k rabb da naam agge waddd ge ... te ajj Saadi ohi film nu NATIONAL AWARD mileya ... kehnde bahut waddi gall hundi eh milna ... then ajj aaapa bahut khush aaa .... tuhade saareyan da bahut bahut thnku ... @vijaycam @sawanrupowali @rajsinghjhinger @ harjeethockey005 @pankajtripathi__ ... love .. WAHEGURU JI SARBAT DAI BHALA KARAN

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Ammy also shared a message in his story on social networks.


Harjeeta was a biographical film about the young hockey player, Harjeet Singh Tuli, who was the captain of India at the 2016 Junior Minor Hockey World Cup. It was under the Singh captaincy that India won the trophy after waiting two decades .

Ammy Virk played the lead in the movie, along with Sawan Rupowali, Sameep Singh, Pankaj Tripathi , Raj Jhinjer, Gurpreet K Bhangu, Parkash Gadu, Sukhi Chahal & Jarnail Singh in important roles.