Written update of Manjil Virinja Poovu, August 8, 2019: Sona tries to commit suicide

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Anjana looks upset with Arun's professional approach to her. Arun tells Anjana that she needs to be successful at work.

Later, Anjana and Bhaskaran have a conversation about Arun. Anjana says it's very cruel that Arun has to make arrangements for her wedding. Bhaskaran replies that Arun has changed and that he is completely focused on his work.

Arun interrupts the conversation and informs about the wedding plans. He also gives Anjana's honeymoon package options and asks him to choose one.

In PK Nilayam, Manu tries to have a conversation with Mallika. He conveys that he is upset with Arun. Mallika understands this and asks if Manu doesn't trust Anjana. She replies that Anjan will be safe in the new house and mentions him about Bhaskaran.

Meanwhile, Suja rushes towards them and reports that Sona's room is closed for a long time. Mallika panics and goes to the room. Manu opens the door and finds Sona in an unconscious state. Mallika is destroyed when she finds out that Sona has cut her wrist and tried to commit suicide. They go to Sona to the hospital and she enters the ICU.

Mallika is seen with a broken heart from the incident and begins to cry. She cries because she is the reason for Sona's situation and blames her decision to accept Manu's marriage to Anjana. Manu tries to comfort her by mentioning that Sona will be fine.