India, Germany, Brazil, Japan 'absolutely needed' at the UNSC as permanent members: France

UNITED NATIONS: India And Countries Such As Germany, Brazil And Japan Are" Absolutely Necessary" ; As Permanent Members Of A Reformed And Extensive UN Security Council To Better Reflect Contemporary Reality And The Addition Of These Major Members To The UN High Table Is One Of France ' S Strategic Priorities, The French Envoy Has Said To The UN.

" As Far As Policy Is Concerned, France And Germany Have A Strong Policy That Is To Work Together On The Extension Of The Security Council And To Succeed In The Negotiations That Should Lead To The Extension Of The Security Council That We Consider Absolutely Essential To The World As It Is Beyond Dispute That France's Permanent Representative To The UN, Fran├žois Delattre, Told Reporters Here Last Week.

When He At The End Of Germany ' S Council Presidency In April Christoph Heusgen, Delattre Erover Spoke That France Believes That" Germany, Japan, India, Brazil And An Honest Representation Of Named Africa Are Absolute. Needed At The Table To Be Fair Get Representation From The Security Council - This Is A Priority For Us. "

He Underlined That Paris Believes That The Extension Of The Security Council With The Addition Of Some Key Members Is" One Of Our Strategic Priorities."

Noting That When France And Germany Launched Their Alliance For Multi-Materialism, He Said It Means That The Two Nations Strongly Believe In The UN As The Core Of Today's Global Governance . And That They Strongly Believe In Multilateralism And Means That We Are Actively Working On Reforming And In Some Faces On Reinventing, Re-Inventing Multilateralism, So It Is Really Efficient In The Coming Decades.

India Is At The Forefront Of The UN's Efforts To Push For The Long-running Reform Of The Security Council, And Emphasizes That It Is Rightly Deserved A Place At The UN High Table As A Permanent Member.

India ' S Permanent Representative To UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, Speaking At The Informal Plenary Meeting On Intergovernmental Negotiations On The Issue Of Fair Representation And Increasing Membership Of The Security Council Earlier This Year, Had Said That On The Issue Of Categories Of Members &, In Total 113 Member States, Of The 122 Who Have Submitted Their Positions In The Framework Document, Support Expansion In Both Existing Categories Specified In The Charter.

" In Short, More Than 90 Percent Of The Written Notes In The Document Benefit Expansion In Both Categories Of Membership Specified In The Charter," He Had Said.

Akbaruddin Had Said That While The Reform At The UN Is A Process Rather Than An Event," There Is No Trial Here Known That It Has Gone Through Winding Paths In The Way It Is This Process Of Reforming The Security Council."

" In Terms Of Slowness, Too, It Doesn't Have Any Noble Status. Although The World Is Not What It Was When We Started The Process, The Objections To Get Ahead Are The Same. While The Global Challenges Of The 21st Century Have Increased, We Remain Divided Over The Process That Must Be Followed To Continue," He Had Said.

France Has Claimed That If Recent Crises Have Confirmed UN Centrality, They Have Also Strengthened The Need To Make The Organization More Effective And Representative For Current Global Balances.

" That Is Why France Is Pushing For The Extension Of The Security Council By Supporting The Accession To A Permanent Seat Of Germany, Brazil, India, Japan And A Greater Presence Of African Countries," According To The Permanent Mission Of France.