Jisshu will star in Pratim's modern love story

Pratim D Gupta everything is ready to lead a saga of love noble Love Aaj Kal Porshu . Unlike other love stories, the film that the director calls unique, delves into sublime stories of two people where love is seen as an instinct that can never change, no matter how much they alter our surroundings. Jisshu U Sengupta rehearses the male protagonist in the film, while the female protagonist has not yet decided.

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The film is scheduled to go on sale in early September. Pratim, meanwhile, said: “Love Aaj Kaal Porshu is an exciting journey and explores the many facets of a modern love story. The story unfolds in a world that seems vaguely familiar, but a closer look reveals a different image. It is not a worldly love story, but an intriguing look at the changing dynamics of male-female relationships in a fascinating context. Sprouts twists and turns in each corner. I have wanted to work with Jisshu for a long time and I am happy that we are finally collaborating.

Subhankar Bhar has been cornered as DoP and the album is being created.

by the team of Arindom Chatterjee and Prosen.